Employee Wellness

2018-2019 Wellness Reward Towards Health Premium

1. Attend town hall meeting (HR will email info to all employees)

2. Take 'Personal Wellness Assessment' via Fitthumb.

  • Log into Fitthumb: https://andrews.fitthumb.com/
  • If a challenge page appears, respond by clicking one of the green boxes
  • Scroll down to box that reads “Wellness Rewards”
  • Locate: Personal Wellness Assessment - Part I 
  • Click on the blue button next to this that says “Click here”
  • Complete the self-assessment by following the steps outlined there
  • Once you completed Part I, click on 'Continue to Home Page' and locate 'Personal Wellness Assessment - Part II'
  • Click on the blue button next to this that says "Click here"
  • Complete all the questions by typing your answers in the empty boxes provided and hit submit at the bottom
  • Simultaneously earn points on Fitthumb towards the incentive store! 

Keep in mind when you log in:

  • You must use the email address that was entered when you created your FitThumb profile. It may be other than your Andrews email.
  • If you have not ever set up an account with FitThumb, you must create one to log in (see How to Enroll below). 
  • If you need to reset your password, the reset email from FitThumb may go through the email quarantine system; you will need to update your quarantine summary (scroll to bottom of latest summary for the update link) and take action to deliver it to your inbox.
  • Once you have reset your password, please contact support@fitthumb.com for continued login issues. Additionally, if you are using Firefox as your browser, we would suggest using Google Chrome or Safari instead.

FITTHUMB: E-Wellness Platform

Andrews University Health & Wellness, in partnership with HR, is excited to provide an E-Wellness Platform for employees and their spouses covered under the AU benefits plan. 

How To Enroll

If you have not ever set up an account with FitThumb, you must create one to log in. An enrollment code will be needed. Once you determine your code, follow the steps below to sign-up. It is completely free and it is a benefit for our employees and spouses covered under the benefits plan.

Enrollment code: first three letters of first name, first three letters of last name, and six-digit date of birth (ex. John Smith, January 3, 1960 = johsmi010360)

  1. Visit http://andrews.fitthumb.com
  2. Create your account by clicking the blue button "Create One Here" to enter your enrollment code (which was emailed to you)
  3. Follow the guided set up process to create your confidential username and password
  4. Review pop-up messages in detail
  5. Complete the section/box that says "New Employees" 
  6. Create a "shortcut" of your new online portal to your mobile device following the instructions on the left side on your home profile page
  7. Check out the: Daily Point Opportunities, Wellness Challenges & Classes, Andrews Wellness Opportunities, the Incentive Store, and the many more options available to you for FREE to collect points!

For help on how to set up a fitness tracker please click here.

Enrollment Assistance

The University Health & Wellness Team is available to you at the Wellness Lounge in the Campus Center or always via email (wellness@andrews.edu) or via phone at extension 6165.



What is this E-Wellness Platform?
It is an online portal with many opportunities to participate in and track your personal health and wellness behaviors. You can earn points for engaging in tracking, education, challenges and more and redeem points for prizes at the incentive online store. If you are competitive or enjoy social engagement, this platform provides many of these opportunities as well. Andrews University Health & Wellness in partnership with HR is making this tool available to you to take action to make positive health and wellness changes so Andrews University can truly become the healthiest University in the world and allow everyone to live life to the fullest!

Can I access this platform via my mobile phone?
Yes! Follow the instructions on your personal profile home page to create a short cut on your mobile device.

Will my personal profile and information be visible to other people?
If you want to stay completely private, you can do so and no one will see any of your information. If you enjoy the social features, you have the capability to post and make certain aspects of your wellness journey public to the rest of the participants.

What do I have to do to get the Wellness Reward towards my Health Premium? 
Each year, HR sends out an email to all employees indicating the requirements to be able to earn the wellness reward for that given year. Each year, it is possible that there are changes to this requirements. Check the top of this page for current instructions. 

Will Andrews University use any personal data or information of any participants?
Andrews University will only use aggregate data to inform the development of health and wellness initiatives to be of greater benefit to employees and their families. No personal information will be used or distributed. 

Who do I talk to if I need help or have questions about this E-Wellness Platform?
Contact: wellness@andrews.edu OR call: 269-471-6165 and ask for assistance. If you have technical difficulties directly with the site, contact help@fitthumb.com

Who can use this E-Wellness Platform?
At this time, only employees and their spouses covered under the Andrews University benefits plan. University Health & Wellness hopes to expand access to all students as well in the near future.

Does my activity tracker integrate with this system?
YES! The majority of the popular tracking devices do integrate. Follow the instructions on your personal home profile page to sync your device with this system.

How do I learn how to use this E-Wellness Platform?
When you complete the enrollment process, you will find a link on your personal home profile page with FAQ’s and video tutorials to learn how to most effectively utilize all the tools available.