a few of my favorite things
Senior Rec
This is my family. We are very close. From right to left: my mom, Eloisa; my Dad, Benjamin; my brother's (now-ex... LOL) girlfriend, Lyndee; my brother, James; my sister, Jamille; and myself.
me, A.M.!

My family loves to travel. We do a lot of travelling, especially during the holidays. We love parties as well, so don't be surprised if you see us around! LOL.


My brother, James, loves to rock. Literally. He listens to a lot of hard-core music, and he used to play in band called March Against the Masses (look 'em up and support!). Now he works at an airport renting out cars to people. ^_^?

My sister, Jamille, is taken, so don't bother! >=) Her boyfriend's name is Craig. If you want to challenge him to a duel. Hehe... No, but seriously, she's into fashion and business and she doesn't eat rice anymore. To maintain her figure.. (An Asian who doesn't eat rice? @_@?! Well, she's also a vegetarian who doesn't eat vegetables... -_-')

<--me! <3

  My dad loves to cook. And he does it very well. People come to our parties just to eat! His food is great, and he's always willing to cook me up whatever I wish for at the moment. I'm spoiled, I guess... ^_^'
  My mom is a medical technician. She's really into that, and I'm glad for her. She draws out people's blood a lot of the time, and her co-workers call her Dori, like Dori the explorer from TV. @_@'

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