a few of my favorite things
Erica, Janelle, and Maegan
This is Erica, Janelle, and Maegan. They are a few of my closest friends. I love them lots! We all went to GLAA together. (That's my hand in the upper right area of the picture... LOL) As you can tell, we have lots of fun when we hang out. ^_~
girls' night out
Girls' Night Out Pt. 1! From Right to Left, this is Cavelle, Leah, Dri, Gabby, Darra, myself, Chiya, and Reena. We were at Applebee's for Darra's 18th birthday! YAY! <3 These are my homegirls, and I love them a ton!
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp. Only the greatest actor ever. >_<
Brendon and Ryan
This is Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross from Panic! at the Disco. Their music inspires me lots! (Not to mention they're really cute... ^_^') They tour with a cirque troupe called Lucent Dossier, where they do concerts vaudeville style. Just amazing.

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