Assn.4b: Different Kinds of Lists

There are three types of lists like the bullet types

  • Ordered lists
  • Unoredered Lists
  • definition Lists
  • ol: Is ordered list where items are preceeded by letters or numbers for example

    1. first
    2. second
    3. third

    ol is ordered list using numbers for example

    1. fruits
    2. mangoes
    3. tamatoes

    1. answer
    2. block
    3. cook

    List number two

    Unordered Lists: look like the first but no numbers nor letters for example:

    • red
    • yellow
    • Green

    There are so many places you can vist and spend your summar in Kenya.

    1. Maasai Mara
    2. Lake Nakuru Park
    3. Sambur

    The Third type of lists: Definition

    The definition lists begin with dl for example

    Kenyan Parks
    Some of the Game Parks in Kenya include:
    The Mount Kenya Park, Nairobi National Park etc
    Nairobi park is within the city of Nairobi but remember:
    You can visit Lake Nakuru any time if you are within the city of Nakuru.
    You can Visit the Samburu if you you are around the Rift Vally basin adjacent to Minengai Crater

    Nesting Lists

    1. Introduction
    2. Part I
      1. Description
      2. Example
        1. Reference one
        2. Reference two
    3. Part two
    4. summary