INSY427 Object Oritented Programming

Instructor: Daniel R. Bidwell

Fall 1998

I. Course Content

This course emphasizes the analysis, design and implementation of programs using the object oriented programming (OOP) methodology. This knowledge is applied to the writing of programs involving advanced data structures in Python and Java. Students are required to:
Demonstrate their knowledge of OOP by preparing and submitting programming exercises using Python and Java.
demonstrate their conceptual knowledge of the course material by preparing and submitting written exercises in the form of proctored examinations.

II. Required Text Books

[LEDG96] Ledgard, H.F. The Little Book of Object Oriented Programming. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1996.
[LIND96] van der Linden, P. Just Java. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ., 1996.
[WATT96] Watters, Aaron, Van Rossum, Guido, Ahlstrom, James. Internet Programming with Python. M & T Books. ISBN 1558514848.

III. Prerequisites: COSC 163 or Instructor approval

IV. Class Requirements and Grading

A. Final Grade Distribution

	100 - 95  A
	 94 - 90  A-
	 89 - 87  B+
	 86 - 83  B
	 82 - 80  B-
	 79 - 75  C+
	 74 - 70  C
	 69 - 65  C-
	 64 - 50  D

B. Class Work - Weights Final Grade

	Programming Projects	60%
	Exams			30%
	Class Participation	10%

C. Class Work - Description

The Class work consists of various, regularly assigned exercises. Programming homework requires the design, implementation and execution of programs. All homework will be turned in electronically.

V. Course Level

This class is taught for the junior, senior, or graduate level student taking a Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, or Software Engineering.

VI. Course Topics

A. Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts

B. Introduction to Python

C. Class

D. Dynamic Objects

E. Introduction to Java

F. Encapsulation and Modularity

G. Information Hiding