Topics: Firewalls and Enterprise Security

Instructor: Daniel Bidwell

May 13, 2002 to June 7, 2002

Course Content and Objectives

A study of the concepts and implementation of security systems that attempt to protect your network and detect intrusions or attacks. The internet is no longer the friendly place that it was just a few short years ago. The firewall, which was considered to be optional by many five years ago, is now a requirement for being connected to the internet. This class will discuss the questions that need to be asked about what needs to be protected, how it should be protected, and why. It will also cover some of the options for building and configuring firewalls.


Building Internet Firewalls (2nd), Zwicky, Elizabeth; Cooper, Simon; Chapman, Brent; Russell, Deborah; O'Reilly, 1-56592-871-7, 2000.

Intrusion Detection: Network Security Beyond the Firewall,Escamilla, Terry, John Wiley & Sons, 0-471-29000-9, 1998.

Prerequisite: CPTR275

Class Requirements and Grading

Final Grade Distribution

100 - 95 A 
 95 - 90 A- 
 89 - 87 B+ 
 86 - 83 B 
 82 - 80 B- 
 79 - 75 C+ 
 74 - 70 C 
 69 - 65 C- 
 64 - 50 D 

80% attendance is required to receive a successful audit

Class Work - Weights Final Grade Distribution

1. Homework             45% 
2. Tests                45% 
3. Class Participation  10% 

Class Work - Description

Assigned Reading

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A test will be given on the last day of class.

Course Topics

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Course Level

This class is taught for the graduate level student taking a Computer Science or Software Engineering Masters degree.