INSY426 Internet Authoring

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the training and resources necessary to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. This will include installing and configuring web servers and clients. It will also cover current methods in production of web content. This may include multimedia; i.e., sound, video, graphics, text. It will also cover the overall capabilities of Internet publishing, marketing, and the history of the web. Software introduced may include HTML editors, Shockwave, Director, and Weblets. Languages introduced HTML, Java and CGI. Other technologies will be added as appropriate.

Note: What you get out of this class will be dictated by what you bring in.

Credit Earned

You may take this course for 4 graduate or undergraduate quarter credits.


Chan Shun Hall, 108


Daniel Bidwell, PhD
Chan Shun Hall 215E, Andrews University
Phone 616-471-3425, or 616-944-5311

Roberto Ordonez, MS
Chan Shun Hall, 215A, Andrews University
Phone: 616-471-3458, or 616-471-5720


Wynkoop, Stephen, Running A Perfect WEB SITE ,2nd Edition (Indianapolis: Que, 1996).
ISBN 0-7897-0944-9

Herrmann, Eric, Teach yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5 in a week (Indianapolis: Sams, 1996).
ISBN 0-7897-1028-5

Other Materials

Director lessons from and other supplemental materials as provided. Numerous software packages downloaded from the WWW.

Greenley house html demo

Site Builder Sites

CGI Examples

JavaScript Examples

Course Objectives


Study chapters 1 - 7 of Web Programming, and chapters 1-3, and 17 of WEB SITE.

Schedule - 3:30 pm - 5:20 pm

Review schedule, introduce homework, review html, introduce page layout.
Choosing server software, hardware requirements.
Server Software setup, configuration, provider connections.
Client software options and choices, cgi, perl

Director, Shockwave, Real Audio.
Graphics tools, layout, Oracle Webserver.
Oracle Webserver continued, database access.
Security, bandwidth issues

Individual Assignments

Papers on Servers, and Clients - Two short papers will be required, one will describe the features of the web server of your choice (may not be on Apache or MS Internet Information Server). The other will describe the features of the web client of your choice (may not be on Netscape or MS Internet Expolorer). Each paper should be about 5 pages in length. The papers will be due 2 weeks and 1 week before the end of the quarter. An example list of browsers can be found at One could also search for Albert or Opera

Preparing web content - A project will be required. This project will center around the production of a special purpose web site. Such as a site for an organization or special interest.

Final Exam - There will be a take home final to be done after the last day of class. This will be a comprehensive final covering the material from the class and the textbooks. It's focus will be on practical concerns to ensure that you have learned how to set up a web site. You will be able answer with a background in either server option, you will not need to have mastered both.


Your grade will be structured as follows:

Analysis of Servers 15%
Analysis of Clients 15%
Page Production 40%
Take Home Final 30%