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Welcome to my homepage. The number one use for this page is to provide an easy way for me to gain access to my favorite links. The main focus of the page is on OS/2 Warp, but there are also links to various gaming pages, television show pages, web search engines, etc.

My efforts toward this page will be focused on the email campain/petition page. This goal of the email/petition page is to make it easy for OS/2 users to let companies know what software packages they want to see for OS/2.

Here are several useful OS/2 links.
PC Gaming Links


Kali is a program that will allow you to play nearly any game that uses the IPX network protocol over the internet. These games include Doom, Doom 2, Descent, Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Virtual Pool, and others.

Kali is a bargain. For only $20, you can breathe new life into games that you thought you'd never play again. There is nothing like the challenge of a real, human opponent.

For more information, and to download a trial version of kali, follow the link above.

Kali for OS/2 is Available!!!

Jay Cotton, author of Kali, has ported his awesome program to use the native TCP/IP support provided to all OS/2 DOS sessions. So far, beta testers (and Jay Cotton himself) have reported that the OS/2 version runs much faster than the DOS version. If you have already registered Kali for DOS, you can use the same registration with Kali/2. When you purchase Kali, all future versions are free. Anyone who wants a copy of Kali/2 can get one here.

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