OS/2 Petition Page

The petition page is back! Don't forget to visit the main campaign page which contains the most recent messages, updates, and status reports.

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Use this form to add your name and email address to a petition asking for native OS/2 software. I am keeping a separate petition for each product, which I will send to the appropriate developer when I get enough "signatures."

See current petition results here. (note: this hasn't been updates for months).


Email Address:

Please place a check next to each product that you would actually purchase if there was a native OS/2 version.

Internet Applications

Internet Phone by VocalTec

PointCast Network

RealAudio Player

RealAudio Server (this is only for those who run web sites on OS/2 machines)

VDOLive video

Agent Newsreader

HoTMetaL HTML Editor

Panorama SGML Browser

Mathematical/Scientific Applications

SPSS Statistical Software



Mathematica Front-end

PSI Plot Graphics Package


Desktop Publishing/Word Processing Applications

Adobe Pagemaker

MGI Calamus

Adobe FrameMaker

Page Plus Desktop Publisher


Graphics Applications

ASAP Presentation Software by SPC

Harvard Graphics by SPC


Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk 3D Studio

Financial/Tax Applications

Peachtree Accounting


Turbo Tax

CanTax Tax Software

Development Tools

Symantec Cafe (Java Development Enviroment)

Borland Delphi

Oracle PowerObjects

Powersoft PowerBuilder


ATI Video Drivers

HP Printer Drivers on par with Windows Drivers

Logitech PageScan Drivers

Full duplex drivers for Creative Labs SB16, SB32, and SBAWE32

Other Applications

Autodesk AutoCad

Executor - Macintosh Emulator

Recognita OCR Software