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Welcome to my Web site!

I'm the Oracle/Banner Database Administrator at Andrews University. I'm an alumnus of AU  and prior to this I was the Manager of Campus Services Support at IUPUI for where I developed applications for the IUPUI Bookstore and other Campus Services departments.

I've had experience in Informix Software's uniVerse database, Sybase SQL Server 10, and Oracle. I've developed the IUPUI Bookstore's Online Store, and was the system administrator of their AIX system.

At Andrews University my responsibility is managing the Oracle DBMS that the institutional data is stored in.  This includes tasks such as applying upgrades to Banner, tuning the DBMS, and managing table allocation.

I gave a presentation at the SCT Summit 2000 titled Cool Perl Tools Save DBA Time! you might find useful.

I develop primarily in PERL and C++ in addition to writing PL/SQL. A PERL diversion I wrote for fun is my chemspell web page that tries to spell the words/phrases you give it using symbols from the periodic table of elements.

Please browse my site.  Send me comments if you wish.