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Student Teaching

Birth and Early Life

The "Luck of the Irish" was  changed forever on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1959.  Even though Jack and Barbara did not name their child "Patty" they were proud to introduce Bradley William to the world on this special holiday for one branch of the family tree.


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Bradley was born in Battle Creek, MI, just like his parents and four siblings.   His oldest sister is named Nancy, then comes another sister Jackie, followed by a brother Gary.  Next in line was Bradley and the family was thought to be complete - two girls and two boys.  But there was another surprise in line.  When Bradley was seven years old baby sister Heather joined the family.



K-12 School Experience

Bradley began his formal education at Washington Elementary Public School where he spent Kindergarten and First Grade.  He transferred to Battle Creek Academy at the start of second grade and remained there until his graduation from High School.  It was during these years that he developed passions for music and tennis.  It was also at BCA where he developed long-lasting friendships with his classmates and  his Savior.


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The College Years

Bradley arrived in Berrien Springs, Michigan in the fall of 1977 to begin his college experience at Andrews University.  Little did he know that here he would not only find the love of his life, but  would spend most of his professional career.   Bradley majored in History and Religion, minored in Communication, and obtained his secondary certification.  He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in the Spring of 1982.  After taking a year off of studies, Bradley returned to the campus of Andrews University in the summers and completed a Master of Arts degree in Education Administration and Supervision.  Currently he is in the process of completing the requirements for the Ph.D. in Leadership.  Andrews University has played a significant role in his life and he is very proud to be associated with that institution even to this day.



Professional Experience

Bradley's Student Teaching experience actually was the beginning of his career.   While completing this requirement at Broadview Academy, in the state of Illinois, Bradley was offered the history position. At the same time, his soon-to-be wife was offered a position to teach Spanish and French.   Bradley and Clemen were married on August 22, 1982 and three days later began their life-long career in education.  Bradley taught United States History, World History, Government, and Speech during the five years there.  Then, in the summer of 1987 he had the opportunity to return to Berrien Springs to teach Social Studies courses and assume an administrative position as Director of Recruitment and Retention at Andrews Academy.   After twelve exciting years Bradley moved over to the School of Education at Andrews University where he now serves as the Director of Student Teaching.


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