Home Harbor Farm

Located two miles south of CCF is Home Harbor Farm, 160 acres described as: the NE ¼, the SE ¼, and the NW ¼ of the NW ¼ and the West ½ of the NE ¼ all of Section 22 town 20 north range 9 west (Sherman Township, Osceola Co.), Michigan. This is about 12 miles south of Cadillac and 4 miles east of Tustin.

Below is a clip of a "picture" (some touch up is apparent on the original) of Home Harbor Farm about 1958 (before the new county road 1960?, but well after my father acquired the tractor in Jan. 1952? and started planting Red Pine trees).

HHF farm about 1958 HHF farm October 1988 HHF toward house October 1988

The original barn burned on a Saturday morning in September 1961. Although I have faint memories of chasing kittens in the old barn, and chicken pox, etc. the fire when I was 3½ is my first clear memory. We had a grade A dairy operation. Material for the new barn came from a barn 10 miles to the SE which was in the way of road construction [Buckhorn Ranch]. My older brothers would roll tires (one of our favorite passtimes) on the top sill. We put the rafters up starting from the west. Unfortunately, the crooked rejects were the first ones up. I distictly remember being sent up to nail them together. The north side has no windows, so several years ago I decided it needed sprucing up. Terri, with the help of Rhonda Root, created these masterpieces: the left one in about 1989 and the right one in about 1990.

HHF barn fall 1990? HHF barn about 1990 HHF barn fall 1990?

Kettunen Center, formerly Camp Kett, is located 1/2 mile north. In April 1998, two of my Cass county students (Frank Teague and Rana Chang) went up there for a 4H outing. Frank took the picture below. My father used tree shelters in the spring of 1999 when he planted 350 red oak trees.

The pictures Terri "painted" April 1998 by Frank May 1999, 350 Red Oaks