Students Beyond Grade Level Sequence

"Students entering the [Mathematics and Science] Center Program are required to have completed freshmen algebra. Occasionally students admitted to the Center have also completed a sophomore level course in geometry or even higher level. If the student has already been advanced beyond freshmen algebra, the Center will strive to accomodate this student. Our Center grade level mathematics program has, as its goals, integration with science and technology grade level courses. In addition our mathematics curriculum has been created so that each course goes beyond the traditional high school content and integrates discrete mathematical topics. These differences from the regular high school mathematics program and the advantage to students to interact with other highly capable students, like themselves, are reasons to keep all students participating in the full grade level program designed for them." ( Student Handbook, pg. 6, emphasis added)

In practical terms, this has meant a wide variety of scenerios have developed over the years. Math teacher Keith Calkins has been fully involved in this process since its inception during the 1994-95 school year. Further details may be provided as needed. To minimize preparation, students are synchronized with Center mathematics students taking the same course (i.e. different grade level) whenever practical. Placement evaluation after the first 9-week marking period is considered ideal at the freshman and possibly sophomore level. Placement must be finalized before semester grades are issued.

Students taking Geometry or Algebra II in eighth grade or via ATYP have been difficult to place at times and some schools have done away with that program due to pressure from their high schools. Our placement procedure takes this information into account. Some accelerate, others follow our normal course sequence. In 1999-00 and 2004-05 we resequenced students by teaching a section of AP Statistics. Summarized below are some of these numbers as of August 2005.

2005–2006 (Ramp Down Complete+1)

Course:GeometryAlgebra IIPrecalculus Calculus ABCalculus BC
Fresh. Calculus
(AP Statistics)
2009 30-??? ? ?? 30
2008   21 3 1     25
2007     28       28
2006       15 5   20
2005       (21) (4)  (25)
2004       (21) (5) (1=MP,"1=SB") (27+"1")
2003       (19+19)     (38)
2002       (14+14)"1=PB"   (28+"1")
2001       (21+21)(KM)+DB  (43)
2000       (16) (6)+JS (1=GB) (23+1)
1999       (20) (2)+KH   (22+1)
1998       (14) (6) (2=GB,CP) (22+1)
1997       (19)     (19)
1996       (15)     (15)
1995       (18)     (18)
Totals 30-??? 21+? 31+?? 16 5 0 103(279+5)