PreCalculus–Course Description
Course Title: Mathematical Analysis (or more commonly: Precalculus)
Grade Level: Grade 11 (Junior)
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Geometry and Algebra II
High School Credit: 1

The course topics include college algebra, advanced trigonometry, and analytic geometry of two and three dimensions. Students experience a thorough analysis of all elementary functions and curve-sketching. Selected discrete mathematics topics including normal probability distributions, non-linear regression, and hypothesis testing are explored. Practice with proofs such as mathematical induction are included. Experience with graphing calculators is incorporated.


The primary textbook used will be:

Sullivan, Michael. Precalculus. Seventh Edition. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2005.

Course Objectives

The following list is a set of specific course objectives for Mathematical Analysis (Precalculus). This list is organized with respect to its four major course topics which include reviews and extensions of Integrated Algebra II, Probability and Statistics, and the development of Trigonometry and Precalculus.


New this year this course will employ Web Assign at as a homework delivery system. An introductory homework is due on Sep. 7, 2005 2pm and the homework for chapter 1, section 1 is due by classtime Sep. 7. These are to be done using the computer delivery (paperless) system. Until then there will also be some paper-based homeworks Specifically, an Algebra Review (Appendix A, Section 1, all 1 mod 5 and 4 mod 5 problems or 1, 6, 11, 16, ... and 4, 9, 14, 19, ...) is due at the beginning of the second class period (Wed. Aug. 31) and a Geometry Review (Appendix A, Section 2, all evens) is due at the end of the last precalculus class period that week (Wed. Aug. 31 for juniors, Thu. Sep. 1 for sophomores).

Physics is using the same homework delivery system so student network access will be important. In addition, this system provides better controls over late homework and parental auditing of work completion.

Further assignment information is not available at this time.