June 6, 2001

Today we packed up for our weekend trip up North and then headed out for the Old City

We had several classes in the Discovery Room

In the first class we heard from Danny Verbov about the View from the Front Line. He was a simple jeep driver that found himself in the thick of the fighting last fall. Danny told us that the army only fires rubber bullets at ring leaders when they are throwing stones and bottles. It is only when there are real bullets being shot at the army that they return with real bullets. Go check out what the IDF is all about at their website.

The second class was by Yosef Mendelovich on "Behind the Iron Curtain." Yosef was a boy who learned of his Jewish heritage in his youth. After working to make a Jewish mass grave a decent and respectable cemetary he and the other youth became an active group. From this they made a plan to escape Russia and go to Israel. But they were caught and put on trial. Yosef pleaded the case of the Russian Jew during his trial and because of this Jews were allowed to immegrate to Israel. After 11 years in prison Yosef was let out and he made his way to Israel.

When this class was done we walked to the busses.

Our first stop was at the park for lunch.

Then we headed off to Caesaria