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Duane M. Covrig, PhD
Leadership and Educational Administration Department (LEAD)
School of Education--Bell Hall 173
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0111
269-471-3475, covrig@andrews.edu
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PhD, Education, June, 1999
University of California, Riverside (http://www.education.ucr.edu) (attended 1993-1999)
• Dissertation: A Case Study of the Organizational History of Loma Linda University: An Examination of the Contingency and Institutional Explanations of Development. Chair: Rodney Ogawa and Flora Ida Ortiz, Robert Hanneman. Major Areas: Sociology of Organizations, Administration Policy, and Research Methods.

MA, Religion (Religious Ethics), June 1992
Loma Linda University, CA (http://www.llu.edu/llu/fr/)

Teaching Credentials, 1988-1990
Pacific Union College (Napa, CA) and La Sierra University (Riverside, CA)
• CA State K-14 biological sciences; SDA Church credentials: religion, math, elementary and computers.

BA, Religion, June 1986 (Minors: Education & Health Science)
Weimar College, Northern California, CA

Professional Experience
Professor of Education (September 2005-Present)
Leadership and Educational Administration Department
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
• Scholarship Christian Philosophy of Leadership, Ethics, Institutional Integrity, Moral Leadership
• Teaching TBD
• Service Publish in academic journals and SDA magazines and publishers  

Assistant to Associate Professor of Education, January 1999-August 2005
University of Akron, OH (http://www.uakron.edu/edfound/Foundations.html)
• Scholarship Ethical leadership, professional ethics, organizational theory and research
• Teaching 9-12 graduate courses a year: Doctoral 1)Advanced Administration, 2) Public and Media Relations, 3) Research residency and 4) Doctoral Internship. Masters: 1) School-Community Relations, 2) Principles of Educational Administration, 3) Ethics for Educators, 4) Techniques of Research, 5) Philosophy of Education.. Undergraduate1)Professional Issues. Advising: Over 100 masters, about a dozen doctoral students, served on about 20 dissertations and 2 chaired to completion.
• Service Write & implement grants and conferences, faculty secretary and chair, University Senator, coordinate Ethics Award and Carnegie teaching Cell & grant; community leadership  

Assistant Professor of Ethical Studies, August 1996-December 1998
Loma Linda University, CA (http://www.llu.edu/llu/fr)
• Scholarship Dissertation research and professional ethics writings
• Teaching 12-15 courses a year in ethics and religion for nursing, physical therapy, medicine, dental hygiene, occupational therapy, radiological technology, respiratory therapy, and public health. 

Research Fellow, 1993-1995
California Educational Research Cooperative, UC, Riverside (www.ucr.edu)
• Design research, gather and interpret data, and present data to school districts and conferences

Research Assistant, 1991-1993
Center for Christian Bioethics, Loma Linda University, CA (http://bioethics.llu.edu)
• Organize conferences; design and publish books and journals; assist in grading and lecturing

Part Time, Substitute & Full Time K-12 Teacher, 1987-1992
1990-1992 Northern and Southern California Public Schools Substitute teacher
1989-1990 Lodi SDA Elementary School Full Time 7/8 th grade teacher
1987-1989 Substitute teacher and Part Time Math teacher, various private schools

Interim College Director for Work Placement and Community Service, 1986-1987
Weimar College, CA

Scholarly Work
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles or Book Chapters

Bebe, R.J., Trenta, L. Covrig, D., Cosiano, P, and Eastridge, H. (forthcoming). Electronic Networking to Support Mentoring. In Kochan and Pascarelli The Perspectives on Mentoring Series: Technological Aspects of the Mentoring Process.

Covrig, D.M. (2005). Mountains, Flatlands, and Tenuous Meaning: Organizational Sociology in Administrative Sensemaking. Journal of Educational Administration 43 (1). 102-120.

Covrig, D. M., Trenta, L., and Kruse, S. (2003). From colds to condoms, and beyond. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership Studies 6 (3), (on-line at www.ucea.org ). Recipient of the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) 2004 Paula Silver Award for case study in JCEL.

Covrig, D. M. (2003). Institutional integrity through periods of significant change: Loma Linda University’s 100 year struggle with organizational identity. In A. S. Iltis (Ed.), Institutional integrity of health care organizations (pp. 139-174). Philosophy and Medicine 79. New York: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Covrig, D. M., (2001a). Stability and change in the religious organizational identity of Loma Linda University. Research on Christian Higher Education 8, 45-68. (ISSN: 1073-0419)

Covrig, D. M. (2001b). Get rid of incompetent teachers, any way you can! Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership Studies 4, (2), (on-line at www.ucea.org).

Covrig, D. M. (2000a). Professional relations: The multiple communities for reform and renewal. Professional Ethics 8, (3) (4) (Fall/Winter 2000), 19-56.

Covrig, D. M. (2000b). The organizational context of moral dilemmas: The role of moral administration in making and breaking dilemmas. Journal of Leadership Studies 7, (1), 40-59.

Covrig, D. M. (1997). Fundamentalists, social capital, and children’s welfare: A place for religion in public education? In Lindle, J. C. & McClure, M. (Eds). Politics of Education Yearbook. Mapping shifting professional and community relationships in children’s worlds: Expertise vs. Responsiveness. Washington, DC: The Falmer Press, pp. 53-60.

Covrig, D. M. (1996). Sport, fairplay, and children’s concepts of fairness. Journal for a Just and Caring Education 2 (3), 263-282. (A former Sage Publication)

Published Scholarly Book Reviews

Covrig, D. M, and Purnell, L. (2004). Of Howell Baum’s C ommunity social action for school reform. In Teachers College Record. Retrieved from http://www.tcrecord.org/content.asp?ContentID=11285 . Print: 2004, pp. 1637-1644.

 Covrig, D. M. (2001). of Al Gini’s My Job: My Self. In Community, Work & Family, 4 (1), 123-126.

Covrig, D. M. (2001). of Tony Becher’s Professional practice: Commitment & capability in a changing environment. In International Journal of Interprofessional Care, 14 (4), 412-414.

Covrig, D. M. (1998). of William Sullivan’s Work and integrity: The crisis and promise of professionalism in America. In Community, Work & Family, 1 (2) (August), 205-208.

Covrig, D. M. (1998). of Kanungo & Mendonca’s Ethical dimensions of leadership. In The Leadership Quarterly, 9 (2), (Summer), 234-238.

Covrig, D. M. (1996). of Beck & Murphy’s Ethics in educational leadership programs. Educational Administration Quarterly, 33 (1), 160-164.

Covrig, D. M. (1996). of Starratt’s Leaders with vision. Journal for a Just and Caring Education, 2 (4), 460 463.

Covrig, D. M. (1996). of Sergiovanni’s Moral leadership: Getting to the heart of school improvement. Educational Administration Quarterly, 32 (1), 160-164.

CHOICE Reviews for Association of College and Research Libraries (short comments)

2005 review of Zubay and Soltis’ Creating the Ethical School. NY: Teacher’s College Press

2004 review of Sirotnik’s Holding Accountability Accountable. NY: Teacher’s College Press.

Other Academic Publications and Technical Reports

Covrig, D. M. (2005). Policy Brief on Faith-Based Initiatives. Posted at the Ohio Collaborative at The Ohio State University available at http://www.ohiocollaborative.org

Beebe, R., Trenta, L., Covrig, D., Casiano, P., and Eastridge, H. (2002). Build It and They Will not Necessarily Come. T.H.E. Journal 29 (11) (June 2002). Available Online at http://www.thejournal.com/magazine/vault/A4082.cfm.

Trenta, L. & Covrig, D. M. (2001). “ Northeast Ohio Principals Academy Pilot Entry Year Program (Year II) Evaluation Report.” ED461654.

Trenta, L. & Covrig, D. M. (2000). “Northeast Ohio Principals Academy Pilot Entry Year Program Evaluation Report” ED461635.

Hemsley, R. & Covrig, D. M. (1994). "Community Satisfaction Survey: Val Verde Unified School District." Riverside, CA: California Educational Research Cooperative, University of California.

Mitchell, D. & Covrig, D. M. (1994). "Educational Summit Notes." Statistical summary of local demographics. Riverside, CA: California Educational Research Cooperative, University of California.

Popular Writing

For Adventist Review

Covrig, Duane. Prodigal Love.

Covrig, Duane. Being a Moderate Adventist.

Covrig. Duane (2004). Rivers in the Desert. Adventist Review. August 2004 available at http://www.adventistreview.org/2004-1532/story3.html

Covrig. Duane (2004). Sweeping without Cleaning. Adventist Review. July 2004 available at http://www.adventistreview.org/2004-1527/story3.html

Covrig, Duane (2003). Redeemed people or tight-fisted Pharisees. Adventist Review. July 17, 2003 available at http://www.adventistreview.org/2003-1529/story2.html.

Covrig. Duane (2003). Called Out, but Not Crazy," Adventist Review, March 20, 2003 available at http://www.adventistreview.org/2003-1512/story1.html. For a critique of this article and a counterpoint see Kevin D. Paulson ( 26 March 2003 Editorial): A Subtle Attack at http://www.greatcontroversy.org/editorial/ed122-kp_asubtleattack.php3

Other Writings

Covrig, Duane (1997). A Response to Winn's Reflections in Adventist Today 5 (3), May/June, available at http://www.atoday.com/magazine/archive/1997/mayjun1997/articles/ResponseWinn.shtml

Scholarly National Presentations

Covrig, D. M. and Trenta, L.S. (2003). The Case of the School Health Clinic: Community Collaboration or Fiasco: Teaching Professional Students about Race, Class or Professional Differences. American Council of Education, “Education All of One Nation” Conference, Atlanta: October 23-25, 2003.

Covrig. D. M., Trenta, L.S., Kruse, S., and Johnson, B. L. (2002). Complicating the Moral Thinking of Administrators: Fostering Mindfulness and Multiple Moral Perspectives in the Preparation of Principals. Organizer and Panel Presentation for University Council for Educational Administration, Pittsburgh: October 31-Novermber 3, 2002.

Covrig, D. M. (2002). Organizational Integrity in Times of Rapid and Turbulent Change. Paper for University Council for Educational Administration, Pittsburgh: October 31-Novermber 3, 2002.

Covrig, D. M. (2002). “Karl Weick’s Work on Sensemaking and School Organizations” A Symposium and “Weick’s Environments” A paper for American Educational Research Association. New Orleans: April 1-5, 2002.

Covrig, D. M. (2001). “Karl Weick’s Contribution to Educational Administration: A Symposium” Organizer and Presenter for University Council for Educational Administration, Cincinnati, OH, November 1-4, 2001. Panel Members: Bob Johnson, University of Utah; Sharon Kruse, University of Akron; Rodney Ogawa, Univ. of California, Riverside; Alan Shoho, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, John Tarter, St. John’s University.

Covrig, D.M. (2001). “Religion, science and legitimacy: Institutional and contingency influences on the organizational science philosophy of Loma Linda University from 1905-1998.” Paper to be presented at the annual conference of the Society of the Scientific Study of Religion, Columbus, OH, October 18-21, 2001.

Covrig, M.D. and D. M. Covrig (2001). “Seventh-day Adventist views on genetic research, therapy, and human cloning.” Paper presented at the international conference on Human Genome Odyssey Conference, Akron, OH, April 5-7, 2001.

Covrig, D. M. (2001). “Professional Relations: The multiple communities of professional reform and renewal,” paper competition for Markkula Center for Applied Ethics “At Our Best: Moral Lives in a Moral Community,” Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, February 22-24, 2001.

Covrig, D. M. (2000). “Idiosyncratic differences in Isomorphic Forms: A ‘case’ for early institutional explanations in a world of neoinstitutional thinking,” paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Washington, DC, August 12-15, 2000.

Covrig, D. M. (1999). "Preparing ethical leaders for accountability: Multiple Perspectives from the Professorate” with panelists Alan Shoho, Lynn Beck, Robert Starratt, and Margaret Grogan. My paper was on the conflicting value commitments of professionals. Presented at University Council of Educational Administration, Minneapolis, October 29-31, 1999.

Covrig, D. M. (1998). "Professional commitments and conflicts: a socio-ethical analysis of professional reform," paper for the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, April 13-17, 1998.

Covrig, D. M. (1998). "Organizational development and institutional analysis," paper for the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, April 13-17, 1998.

Covrig, D. M. (1997). "Beyond prescriptives: Toward a social scientific theory of moral school administration," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, March 24-28, 1997.

Covrig, D. M. (1997). "The moral influence of organizations: Normative ethics in organizational analysis," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, March 24-28, 1997.

Covrig, D. M. (1997). “Fundamentalist reactions as concerns about social capital: A sensitive look at Christians in public education. Politics of Education Yearbook presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, March 24-28, 1997.

Covrig, D. M. (1996). "Sociological perspectives on the shortage of teachers of color." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Chicago, February.

Covrig, D. M. (1995). "Making custom scannable forms on word processors," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 18-22, 1995. Later distributed by the Respondent, AERA SIG on Survey Research in Education.

Covrig, D. M. (1995)."Defining public education: Christian fundamentalism and public education," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 18-22, 1995.

Covrig, D. M. (1995)."Fairplay and competitive sports" poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 18-22, 1995.

Completed Doctoral Students

Motley, Veronica. (August, 2004). A CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF TEAM LEADER TRUST IN OHIO MIDDLE SCHOOLS AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT. EdD. The University of Akron. College of Education, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership.

Aldhahri, Khaled. (May 2004). Pluralistic understanding of intelligence and the Saudi Context: Focus groups exploration of Saudi participants perceptions of the major tenants of multiple intelligences. EdD. The University of Akron. College of Education, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership.


2002-2005 Member, National School Public Relations Association….nspra.org

2001-2005 Member, American Association of University Professors......aaup.org

1997- Member, American Sociological Association......asanet.org

1994- Member, American Educational Research Association......aera.net

Grants & Awards

2005 Policy Review for the Ohio Collaboration at The Ohio State Univerity on Faith Based Initiatives, $1,500

2004 University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) 2004 Paula Silver Award for Case Study

2003-2004` Harrington Team Revitalize the Center for Urban and Higher Education, UA, College of Ed, $19,860

2003 Ohio Department of Education-Planning Grant for Paraprofessional Associate Degree, $10,000

2001-3 College of Education Mentorship program award (work with Rodney Ogawa and Bob Johnson)

2001 Martha Holden Jennings Foundation grant: Genetics sessions for teachers, $13,000

2000 Univ. of Akron College of Education Faculty Research Grant, $600 (funds returned unused)

1999 University of Akron Carnegie Summer Teaching Grant on School Safety, $5,000

1996 Center for Creative Leadership: Kenneth E. Clark Award, 2nd place (Tied: $350)

1994-95 Rosemary Schrerer Research Fellow Award, University of California, Riverside.

Academic and University Service

    • College of Education Senator to The University of Akron Faculty Senate
    • Member, College of Education, Technology Committee (assist in NETS-T standards assessment)

2001-2002 College of Education Faculty Secretary

1999-2002 Member, College of Education Personnel Committee (primary committee secretary)

1999-2002 Reviewer and/or Session Moderator for AACTE, AERA (Div. A, I, SIG Moral Ed.)

2000-2001 Faculty Meeting Chair, Dept. of Ed. Foundations & Leadership

1999-2001 Member, Executive Committee for Genetics Conference; Coordinator Education concurrent sessions.

2000-2001 Member, Search Committees for Dept. Chair, and asst. professor positions

1999-2000 Faculty Secretary, Dept. of Ed. Foundations and Leadership

1999 Coordinator Carnegie Teaching Academy Cell Group #6

Coordinate School Violence Summer Grant: Carnegie Teaching Grant

1995-1998 University Human Subjects Review Committee, doctoral student, voting member, (UC, Riverside)

1995-1996 President, Graduate Students in Education (UC, Riverside)

Community Educational and Leadership Roles

1999-2005 Active Church Leader, Speaker, Teacher in Akron/Canton Seventh-day Adventist Churches

1999-2004 Member, Ohio Seventh-day Adventist K-12 Board of Education (Mt. Vernon, OH)

2002 Member, Board of Mt. Vernon Academy ( Mt. Vernon, OH)

1999-2002 Member, Mayfair Junior Academy (Seventh-day Adventist) Board of Education, in Green, Ohio



Duane Covrig, Bell Hall #173, Berrien Springs, MI   49104-0111, covrig@andrews.edu, 1-269-471-3475
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