I am an international student, based in the USA, working toward a MS.Biology degree at Andrews University, Michigan. I am originally from India, but have grown up for almost 18 years of my life in Kenya.Growing up amidst one of the world's biodiversity "hotspots" instilled in me a passionate love for the african wilderness, and a deep desire to protect it, thus my interest in conservation biology. Volunteering for a year at a local WWF (World Wildlife Fund) branch in Nakuru, got me interested in population and community ecology. I completed my undergraduate degree with magna cum laude at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya, focusing on these areas of interests. I recognize a need for greater interdisciplinary approaches in addressing conservation biology issues and a need for greater quantitative approaches in the study of ecology. I am relatively new to the field of mathematical modeling but realize just how valuable a tool this can be in better understanding population dynamics and community ecology.