Right this way for a look at the interesting, the unusual, and the just plain fun!! You may not find any raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but there are a few of MY favorite sites.
Click on here for my Sonic The Hedgehog Fanfic and Links Page. Bring your own chili dogs.

Click here to explore the world of alt.devilbunnies. Cute but cunning.

Click on here to encounter the musical madness of the Dr. Demento Website.

Click on here to visit the Kingdom of Caring at the Care Bears Online Webpage.

Click on here to access Kevin and Kell -- hope you don't disapprove of interspecies marriages!

Click on here to let your animal side roam free through the furry pages.

Click on here to get The Straight Dope from Cecil Adams, that modern-day guide of the perplexed (and YOU know who you are!).

What would this site be like without a little nepotism? My twin brother, Patrick, has a Website devoted to the cartoon series "Dungeons and Dragons" (apparently rather loosely based on the game). Check out The Cavern of Tiamat.

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