YERF (formerly: Ratman's Squeaky Clean Furry Page)

Some people may wish that they had been born in another time and another place. Then there are those who wish they'd been born as another species.

For those ready to renounce the supremacy of humankind (which can be pretty unkind when it wants to be), there are a number of furry pages on the Net. They feature words and images -- LOTS of images -- from the crudely drawn to the artistically rendered, from the cute to the fiercely erotic.

Here's a link to the latest uploads in YERF . Here, you'll find thumbnail drawing of the latest offerings from furry fans. Since this is an all-ages furry site, there's a heavier quotient of drawings that look like toons.

And then there's ISC-BR FURRY SITE. More of the same in a more serious mood. Sometimes. Arranged by artist. That's why they call them "browsers."
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