Talk About A Mixed Marriage!

It's a 90s kind of blended family situation: Kevin's a stay-at-home Sysop who helps look after the baby; Kell is a working mom coping with a preteen son from a previous marriage, Kevin's adopted teenage daughter, and various predators at the office. And I MEAN predators! It's not easy being a she-wolf married to a rabbit.

This is a furry comic strip with lots of heart and charm. Don't look for it in your local newspaper because it's only available online. Good thing, too, because you'll miss half the jokes if you aren't computer-literate.
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"Sherman, set the Wayback to...."

September 1988: The Chicago Sun-Times begins running a new comic strip, Safe Havens, by Bill Holbrook. It doesn't stay very long--at that time the newspaper was going through new comic strips the way most of us change our underwear--but I had a good feeling about it, based in part on seeing Bill's work in "On The Fastrack". I scrambled through my clippings file and Voila:


Copyright (c) by Bill Holbrook; Used by permission.

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