Just The FAQs

Artwork by Manny Galan (c) 1997 by Archie Comic Publications
As I said earlier, I got seriously sucked into this "hobby" by volunteering to compile a Sonic FAQ File. This turned out to be a rather bulky proposition in its former location. Now that Ratman has closed his Sonic outlet, I'm reconstructing the Sonic FAQ File on this page. I've rebuilt the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section; it may take a while longer to reconstruct information about the comics and television show.

Click here for the answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

And click here for a listing of the episodes of the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG TELEVISION SERIES.

Of course, if anyone wants to look at the old-style FAQ File, the folks at Foxfire Studios managed to save it before it went bye-bye over in Ratman's corner of cyberspace. Check it out until I've finished rebuilding it here. There's other Sonic-related stuff there as well. Thanks to Paul Lapansee and David Gonterman for going above and beyond the call.