Denis Fortin


Professor of Theology

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Andrews University 

Berrien Springs, Michigan  49104-1500

Office phone:  269.471.3648



Research on Adventism in Quebec (Eastern Townships and Northern Vermont)

Courses taught at the Seminary

1.      The Writings of Ellen G. White

2.      Ecclesiology and the Practice of Ministry

3.      Modern Christian Theology

4.      Roman Catholic Life and Thought

5.      Interchurch Dialogue

6.      Seminar in Youth Ministry: Adolescent and Pathfinder Ministry


Educational Achievements

1982 -- B.A.,   Canadian University College, Alberta
1986 -- M.Div.,   Andrews University, Michigan
1995 -- Ph.D.,    Université Laval, Québec

List of  Recent Publications

Last update 9 September 2008