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Andrews University
School of Education
Leadership Program
Rita Van Horn, R.N., M. S., doctoral student
Clinical experiences of students in Nursing III Class

Thank you for volunteering to participate in my dissertation study of students' experiences in the clinical setting. You are asked to participate because I believe that students are interested in creating a positive learning environment in the clinical setting.

You will be asked to keep a journal for every clinical experience over the ten-week period of the clinical time. The benefit for you is that you will actually get to participate in helping me to determine what teaching strategies best help students learn in the clinical setting.

All information collected will be held in strictest confidence. While this information may be published, at no time will your name be used. Your decision to participate or not to participate will not affect your grade in the class. You may feel free to drop out at anytime during this study without prejudice. If you have any questions concerning this project or this consent, please call Rita Van Horn at 965-1318 or Shirley Freed at 616-471-6163.

I, , hereby give my consent to participate in the project described above. I have read and understand this statement and I have had all my questions answered.

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