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Buch. Weather
LJ Friends
SCOX: Summary for SCO GROUP INC - Yahoo! Finance
New EL Info


Exteme Stick Death...



Agenda Software Repository
Agenda VR3 Help Page - My Agenda VR3
vrdeb home page
MAD: MPEG Audio Decoder
Wiki: VrdebHome
Wiki: Login
Kanawa Consulting Inc. - Agenda VR3

Babel Com Australia Tech Reports
ZDNet: Enterprise: Building a low-cost router appliance with Embedded Linux
Index of /~ljlane/downloads
Open source : JFS project Web site
Using JFS || Linux Box as Digital VCR: A success Story
Linux Kernel 2.4 Firewalling Matures: netfilter
ext3 for 2.4
Making an X Terminal from a PC LG #68
DXR2 GUI in Linux
G-1200s Debian Bootstrap
SNESKey documentation
Speech Synthesis in Linux (/dev/speech)
Jimmie's Linux USB drivers page
Linux 2.4 Advanced Routing HOWTO Building a Large-scale E-commerce Site with Apache and mod_perl [Oct. 17, 2001]
vcr, a text-console video recorder for Linux
mplayer - movie player for linux
TDFSB Homepage
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
Asterisk * :: Digium :: Let There Be Telephony
Linux and Main - Squashfs, compressed filesystem for Linux-2.4, is released
December 2002 Linux Productivity Magazine: VI and Vim
developerWorks: Linux | Wireless : Lightweight Linux, Part 1
Debian APT Part 2: Installing Unreleased Software LG #86
Rsync Snapshots
Create a VNC system with tclRFB
Oregon State University - Network Engineering - Making a custom boot CD image
Knoppix Linux Documentation - Knoppix Remastering Howto


Croaker's TinyMUSH manual
Gwen Morse's MU*ing (TinyMUSH/TinyMUX)Page

My sites

Oracle/Banner Admin

ITS PIN Reset Page



Jon Grepstad
Photographers' Formulary, Inc.
High Speed photographs
High-Speed Flash Photography For Amateur Photographers
Anthony's Lifting Messenger


PINBALL: Clear Coating Pinball Playfields with Automotive Clears
Pinball Playfield Mylar Removal
Williams Jokerz
Jokerz Rebuilding Level 1
Electronic Mutoscope - Pinball
Pinball Spinners
Williams Jokerz
Index of /images/Jokerz
The Internet Pinball Database
Ball Swirl Info


Brian's Farmall Tractor Page
6 to 12 volt conversion SUPER A
Super A Color scheme
PhotoPoint - Visit Albums - Album Index Guest Mode
Joe's Farmall Parts
Welcome to A.C. McCartney's Web Site!
Woods Equipment Page
Hodges Farm Equipment, Inc. - Authorized Woods Dealer
Farmall Super A Tractor
Farmall Decals
International Tractor and Implement
Super A battery ignition distributor wiring diagram
Steiner Tractor Parts - New Replacement Tractor Parts. All Models. Classified Section.
1948 International Super A
Re: convert Super A, 6 volt to 12
International Harvester Paint Committee Decisions, List of all Decisions
Farmall Search on Ebay (sanified)
Worksaver Three Point Hitch Kits
Valu-Bilt Tractor Parts - Ford John Deere Farmall Case


ADCC's DCC Sources
941202_s.gif (GIF Image, 576x752 pixels)
Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC - Home (Index) Page
Catolog of Files
DCC to RS-232
Computer Control of Model Railways (Hardware design)
DCC-MB Logic Board
The DCC-MB Home Page
Loy's Toys Home Page
Model Railroad Electronics: DetectTrain Article
Niles Depot
Great Railroad Stations - Niles, MI
nov1855ad.jpg (JPEG Image, 523x830 pixels)
The Hotbox - details
Thomson Rd. / Abandoned Railroad
MCRR depot
Station: Niles, MI
Fine Hydrocal Castings by C. C. Crow - On-Line How To Clinics - Cut and Chop Hydrocal Castings - Model Railroad Craftsman Structure Kits and Masonry Castings in Scale
Home Page

Various Hardware

Jameco Product Display
Timeline, Inc.
PJRC's High Capacity MP3 Player
An Experimental 10-Mbit/s Microwave Data Link
KeyWarrior One chip for USB, ADB and PS/2 keyboards
Chapter 2. The ISA Bus
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: HD44780-based LCD / Misc
The Labs: I-Opener
Midori for the Iopener
::: - hacking the virgin webplayer :::
Untitled Document
I-Appliance BBS
Updating Audreys System Software
The Comparametric Toolkit Page
Interfacing Example - Connecting a LCD Module to the RS-232 Port.


PATHCALC.XLS for calculating microwave path loss/gain...
O'Reilly Network: Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) [July 18, 2001]
Wireless Ethernet Atanna
Helical Antenna for the 2.425GHz Wireless Networking Cards
SeattleWireless: Directional Yagi
802.11b Wireless Yagi Antenna
Antenna Systems & Supplies Home Page
Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2
QWS Quarterwave Stub Protection
A1 Datacom Supply Home Page
ARRLWeb: Lightning Protection
80211Planet - News: 802.11b Wireless Access Point Reference Design Kit Released Using Linux for Customization
Melbourne: Digital and Wireless - Networks with no wires - Australia
Tim and David's Discone Antenna
Building PicoBSD for the Apple Airport
All About WLANexpert
Simple 2.4ghz antenna
O'Reilly Network: 16dbi coffee can antenna
802.11 2.4Ghz Vertical Collinear Antenna
Demarc Technology Group - Wireless ISP Equipment Manufacture
Access Point SNMP Config utility
Reverse-Polarity Connectors_RSMA
HyperGain® 2.4 GHz Antennas: Parabolic Grid, Patch, Panel, Radome-enclosed Yagi, Omnidirectional, PCS Ceiling Mount, and Mobile.
signull technologies
Cookie Cantenna
FreeNetworks: Receive Sensitivity
Lightning Porcupine Static Discharge, Fulgurites, Fusion
TREVOR MARSHALL - Slotted Waveguide 802.11b WLAN antennas
MikeN's Waveguide
Petr Simandl - Antény wifi 2.4GHz
Biquad Sector Antenna 2.4 GHz
Omni-directional Antenna 2.4 GHz
TREVOR MARSHALL - Biquad feed for primestar dish
2.4GHz Gnet Radio Lab
TREVOR MARSHALL - Biquad feed for primestar dish
802.11 2.4Ghz Dipole Antenna Kit Instructions
Test 2.4GHz Dipole-type Omni Antennas
13 element Yagi Antenna for 2
Biquad Antenna Construction
The Waveguide
PLANETaXis - downpipe waveguides Collinear Omni - Easy Homemade 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna
Collinear Antenna by WB3AYW
Build A 9dB, 70cm Collinear Antenna
Build the Coax Collinear Antenna
802.11 2.4Ghz Vertical Collinear Antenna Kit Instructions
Inside the Comtelco 7.5dBi
802.11 2.4Ghz Vertical Collinear Antenna
Helical Antenna for the 2.425GHz Wireless Networking Cards
Installing the HOSTAP driver



Phone-Man's Home Page - Wire Color Codes
Intercom Circuit Description

Weiss Homes, Inc.


Ashville Barn Plan
Lumber Span Tables


Find Distance and Azimuths Between 2 Sets of Coordinates -- ASD (FCC) USA
DEM Tools
Fritz's software page - GpsDrive
APRS - TinyTrak
Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data
J2ME : MicroDevNet : MIDP 2.0 Game: Step-by-Step Code Samples


Dr.Ace's Fast 2 Meter Antennas


Plasma Globes
Lego Mindstorms Internals
Mike's Electric Stuff
Computerize Your Room/House
Parellel port output
Easy PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication, Using Laser Printer Toner Transfer, with a Household Clothes Iron and Glossy Paper; DIY at Home; Making, Homemade, Copper, Etch, Etching, Pattern, Electronic
LM555 Circuits
555 Timer IC Tutorial
Nathan Hurst: Pic Tricks
Broccoli18: PIC18F Programming Tools
Programming the PIC16F84 with Linux
USB Modules
yampp - Yet Another MP3 Player
AVR Programmer
Welcome to
EAGLE Technology | Product Detail | USB-24A - USB 24 Line Digital I/O Unit


How to Build a Geodesic Dome Model
The 3V Alternate Dome


Handy Cricket Hardware Description
Robotics -- Schematics of Hardware to use with Your Printer Port
Parallel Port Stepper Motor Interface
Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition

Climbing Walls

2-Extreme Climbing, rock climbing wall supplies, rock climbing holds, t-nuts, bolts, climbing chalk, and rock climbing area informaion near Dallas.
Home Page
Stone Age Climbing
Home Gym
MtN Features: Building a Climbing Wall
Making Climbing Holds
The Indoor Climber's Resource
Bendcrete climbing walls and skateramps
The Climbing Wall Resource
NICROS Home Page
GR Climbing Holds - Main Page


Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI),
The Unofficial Asterisk PBX Resource Page : Asterisk phone grandstream budgetone
Q: Are BudgeTone SIP phones certified for use in North America and Europe
Index of /BETATEST


United Nuclear - Main Page


Current Conditions
METAR/TAF Conversion Card
A Good Place to Start
Humidity formulas
Index of /cgi-bin/weather/us/metar/info/us


#stvlive statistics created with mIRCStats v1.15 by worlock
Stv : the stephanie cam ::
Welcome to


Asterisk Mailing List: RE: [Asterisk] Wav to GSM
Getting Started With Asterisk
Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI),
Asterisk Docs: Applications

Junkbusters: Bookmark for Todd Freeman [Mon Oct 15 20:26:56 GMT 2001]
Model Airplane Plans
Charles River Radio Controllers - Foam Cutting Vacuum Bagging
UDP Cast
Opendiag Schematics & PCB Layout
Freediag: Vehicle Diagnostics Utility
CMU Sphinx: Open Source Speech Recognition
Perl and Prolog and Continuations... oh my! [193649 perlmeditation]
Tetex-latex font installation : Asterisk res_config
Partimage homepage
SystemRescueCd homepage
Documentation for fli4l
Index of /~eric/asterisk/downloads/bell
[Asterisk-Users] Re: Grandstream v1.0.4.68 firmware
[Asterisk-Users] Grandstream ringtone maker (was Re: Grandstream v1.0.4.68 firmware)
Junghanns.NET - Asterisk
NewsForge | A parent's guide to Linux Web filtering
Aminet at
Dual Wiegand Card Reader Electronics with RS485 I/O (
RS485 USB RS422 RS232 Communications Interface Products by MEV
Isolated Full-duplex Rs232 Interface
Proximity Cards
ISO/IEC 7816-4 (first edition 1995-09-01)
Tetex-latex font installation

SQLRelay stuff

firstworks Using SQL Relay With Oracle8i/9i n-Tiered Authentication
firstworks Programming with SQL Relay using the Perl DBI API | An introduction to Linux sound systems and APIs
SIGSEV Lessons Learned
Polar Rescue flash game -JARKEY!
Eleven Examples for Configuring Exim
Silly Putty .........
Slime Page
Index of /files
Optimize Perl
TeX: Reference and Examples by David Bausum
LCDproc Drivers Data::FormValidator - Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile.