WAUS-FM broadcasts from the John and Dede Howard Studios on the campus of Andrews University. We depend upon partnerships with its listeners (memberships) and area businesses (underwriting) to stay on the air. Our format is Classical Music with news updates from National Public Radio, American Public Media and the BBC. And we also offer inspirational programming. WAUS is one of Andrews University's services to the community, and because of our dedication to education, we hire and train university students in various aspects of the radio business.

Our new Home

WAUS has a new location in the Howard Performing Arts Center! We’ve been live on the air in our new space since January 19, 2006, celebrating with a Grand Opening on January 22, 2006. We would like to thank John and Dede Howard for their generous grant of $300,000 and the faithful members of the community who joined together to match that grant.

Our Church

WAUS is proud to be a part of Andrews University, which is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist church. We broadcast the church service from Pioneer Memorial Church every Saturday at 11:30am. Our church is located on the campus of Andrews University.


WAUS is located on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. We consider it a big part of our mission to train students in the field of broadcasting and communication, although we do hire students from all disciplines. Many of our students are talented musicians and singers and are members of the orchestra, bnads and choirs.


Here’s the story of how WAUS came to be what it is today:

John Fetzer established amateur radio equipment at his home in Lafayette, Indiana.
Fetzer was invited by Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University) to transfer his wireless equipment to Berrien Springs, MI, where he went on the air with the call sign 8AZ, which eventually became WEMC.
For eight years, the station was known in Michiana and beyond as “The Radio Lighthouse.” According to publications at the time, it was once listed as one of the ten best radio stations in the U.S. It was heard frequently in Europe, as well as in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.
During the financial difficulties of the Great Depression, the school sold WEMC to John Fetzer, who transferred it to Kalamazoo. Broadcasting at the college didn’t stop, however. On and off for over 30 years students operated localized stations to serve the campus and the local community.
Andrews University began planning for a new non-commercial FM station. Robert E. Upton of the Whirlpool Corporation headed up a capital campaign.
Built with money raised from the community and a substantial amount provided by John Fetzer, radio station WAUS signed on in January 1971 and we’re still alive today!