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Welcome to my 'umble' abode on the Internet. Who is Cari, you ask? She likes to think she is somewhat of an egnigma... she also likes to refer to herself in the third person. Here are some known facts about Cari:

-A First-year veterinary student at MSU, Cari is striving for that perfect balance between Class Attendence, Self-Directed Learning (i.e. "Studying"), and the Enjoyment of Life, or What's Left of It.

-Cari's favorite job to date was as a veterinary assistant at a small animal clinic. That is perhaps not suprising. More suprising, perhaps, is that she also enjoyed working as an electronics assembler, Flash animator, and high-school mathematics tutor, not to mention assistant milker of cows at 3 a.m. in winter (uphill both ways through fog and snow, counting the famous Andrews "speed mountains".)

-Cari has two pets--a Cat named Checkers, and an Eastern Collared Lizard named Jace; she also keeps on hand some 500-odd crickets to feed the lizard, and tries hard not to become attached to them because they're sorta cute. Also among her "menagerie" of living things are the amazing Come-back Kid Poinsetta (which defoliated in 14-degree Minneapolis weather), a Christmas cactus, and a motley assortment of succulents. In summer, Cari enjoys cross-breeding Impatiens Wallerensa for unusual colors.

-Cari has a lot of hobbies which she enjoys when she finds time. These include art, music, and writing poetry (and now, in living black-and-white, a Febno-fino Novel! Who knows, if it gets good reviews, it might show up on this site someday.) Hobbies Cari indulges in more often include reading, cycling, computers and the art of experimental eating. Oh, and Cari is a science/math/space buff. Once again, you can see some of her creative outlets on the links in the Sidebar.

Here's a couple of my friend's links: my dad's Sourceforge project, mydbversion, and Mandi's graphic-arts Website. Enjoy!

Also here are some of my favorite sites: for space stuff, for news and so forth, and google for everything else. Need opensource software? How about Like cats? Try!

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