My Road Bicycle and Cycling in General

UPDATE 2/22/08:
Here's a photo, since I never got around to posting one. Yes, I know that's a cheesy lock hanging off it. Yes, I also realize the photo is in mid-winter--not the best time of year for road-biking. And finally, yes, those are inexpensive toe-clip pedals (I haven't found the money to invest in clipless shoes, so I got to learn the old-fashioned method. Seems to work fine enough for me!) Isn't she pretty, though? More recently since this picture I trimmed her with two pretty little shiny butterfly decals, so she doesn't look so un-decorated.

UPDATE 3/26/06:
It's all put together and I've been riding it around town! No time for a century this year :( But man, it's convenient for getting to and from school. And fast. And light. And shiny...

Here's some spec's for my road bike I'm building:
Frame: Nashbar Frame`, silver
Drivetrain: Campagnolo Veloce 9 sp

Fork: Nashbar, carbonfiber

Wheelset: Ambrosio Balance blue rims with Campagnolo Mirage hubs (not high-end but inexpensive enough and I wanted Campy)

Headset: Cane Creek Aheadset threadless
Handlebars: Old aluminum one from my dad's old roadbike (sentemental)
Brakes: Nashbar Jailbrake dual-pivot calipers

Here's my three favorite bike shops:,,

Latest purchases: a chain tool, and Vredestein Ricorso PRS tires (700X23).

Handlebar tape: White Bontrager. Pedals: Generic toe-clip.
Eventually I'll post a picture!