My Garden

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Garden Notes

July 27, '05: The impatiens are mostly in the ground outside, plus some new colors we bought. I have several pretty colors that appear to be new crosses; a lavender-fusia color, some pink-centered orange ones, and a gorgeous dark maroon. It's a lot of fun! I still have one pot indoors, because it adds so much to the atmosphere. It has fusia and some red hybrids in it. Oh, the violet grew until the cat ate it. Oops.

March 10, '05: I have pictures! Enjoy them. Impatiens are beautiful, I think. Yesterday I added a violet (I think) to my collection, it's a funky rhizome I found growing in the yard. We will see if it grows. I also found a tiny ecosystem of springtails living on the water under two of my plants--of course I took a culture to look at under the microscope; they are actually rather cute! And they are harmless so I let them alone. All they are doing is living in a little patch on top of the water and jumping a bit. I have one big pink impatien flower today, the orange one fell off as did the last pink one. Two of the seedlings have raised their heads up an inch or so. That's about all.