Hearn Family's New Arrivals

Here are the two new babies. We adopted them from the Andrews farm because they were orphans at only 4 or 5 weeks.

This little girl's name is Tie-dye, because she matched her daddy's shirt. She of course is Daddy's girl.

Mmmm... nice blanket (much better than hay.) Nap time!

Look, I'm an alien! (Tie-die says, I'm getting out of here now!)

The kittens are quite friendly (thanks to lots of petting while still at the dairy.)

Mom cuddles the kittens.

The kittens alternate between being snuggle buddies and trying to kill each other. For practice, of course.

Buddha kitty! Well, actually, he's chasing the camera strap... *pounce*

The boy kitty's name is Hobbs. He's more shy than his big sister. He's Carli's kitten.

And one more picture of sweet little Tie-dye.

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