Senior Design Projects (under Dr. Kwon’s supervision)












Sound comes out from around the DEAP cylindrically shaped tube.



·         Design of portable water purification system for short term missionaries –Spencer Groff and Adam Shull, 2012  (funded by Livingston Associates, PC)




·         Design of nozzle for algae harvesting – Cecilia Diaz, Justin Schmidt, and Josh Bissell, 2012


·         Design of energy harvesting system using DEAP film  -Sandra Prieto and Katie Parker, 2011




A bench top low-speed wind tunnel was designed and constructed to measure lift and drag coefficients of various model objects


Description: Copy of DSC00794  Description: DSC00793Description: Abdiel_David


Description: DSC00805  Description: windtunnel_David_Abdiel Description: windtunnel



Top left, David double check the pressure measurement from Pitot tube using the monometer. Top right, Abdiel fine-tunes the electronic manometer. Middle left, Pitot tube and the smooth ball object.  Middle right, great teamwork!  Bottom left, David and Abdiel poses for the wind tunnel before the presentation. Bottom right, the windtunnel is ready.