My Religious Testimony

I have been able to trace my belief in God to an experience that I had as a pre-teen. I was very much into making model airplanes, and I had recently gained a kit of a World War II plane with several movable parts. Specifically, the wings moved because of several small parts forming a hinge. Unfortunately for me, the kit was missing one of those small pieces. Being a bit compulsive in my behavior, I thoroughly counted and recounted the pieces to make sure that one was missing; then I searched for the piece here and there where the model kit had been in the house but did not find it. I remember what I did next, but I cannot remember why as my family was not very religious nor did they raise me with any specific religious upbringing. I prayed to God that I would have that missing model piece. After going on a vacation, I came back to check the model kit. Again I counted the pieces for the hinge and counted an extra one that had not been there before. I counted and recounted as meticulously as I had when I thought one might be missing. God (whoever or whatever he/she was) had answered my prayer. From about that time on I held it as a fundamental truth that God existed. The next few years were spent using little pieces of knowledge from here and there to try to make sense of God and the universe. I ended up with a very pantheistic worldview. But (though I didn't realize it at the time) my first experience with God and some of my own intuitive feelings contradicted this view of God. My first experience of prayer, my continued prayers, and my inner longing to go home (wherever that was) and to be with God--all these things went against the impersonal view of God that results from thinking that the universe equals God. When I went to college, I attended some religious meetings, because they were going to talk about the Book of Revelation. I was interested in the Book of Revelation because I was interested in the end of the world. At these meetings, they talked about many things from the Bible--things about which I had never heard; and at the end of the meetings I felt impressed to commit myself to serve God and be baptized. As time has gone on, the significance of my decision and my understanding of the Bible have become clearer. I realize now more than ever before that true religion is not simply a matter of confessing a certain set of beliefs; it is a deep and lasting relationship with the Creator of the whole universe.
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