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Balik na ako! (I'm Back!)

Last June I returned to this "land of plenty" from a life changing experience as a student missionary with Adventist Frontier Missions.  For 9 months I lived and worked among the Alangan people, a small tribe found on Mindoro an island south of Manilla in the Philippines.  Me and Matthew Shaul, another short term volunteer, lived and worked in the village of Buwao, about a half hour walk from the main road .  For nine months I had the chance to live in a bamboo hut, cook over a wood fire, and take water pale "showers" from a small hand pump well.  Of necessity I had the chance to learn to speak and read tagalog (pronounced more like tug-AL-log), and had the chance to help teach adults and kids to read the Bible, as well as periodically give simple worships in Tagalog.  Near the end of my time there, Matt and me and later on Curtis and me,  had the challenging priviledge of preparing 5 of our Alangan friends for baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist church.

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