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Laos is one of the poorest country in the world. I went backpacking for three weeks.I love the people so much. They have such a big smile on their facese. They did not have good homes or cars but they have nature all around them.

I want their smile!!!! I want you to have it too!!!!!! Being thankful what we have from God!!!!!


Thailand is the most interesting place to visit. I was their for 5weeks. I went there first and moved onto Laos.

It was unknown to me how the country is full of energy. I have met so many different people from all over the world. I went on Tracking and took Cooking classes.

I have done more things in 5 weeks than i have done in 23 years of my life. I wish you can go on back packing Thailand. It will be life time experience!!!!!!


Seoul is my home base. I grew up and went school unto high school. It is very alive place. There are many car, people , and things to do.

You will love shopping in Seoul. Some malls are open 24hours, really! You will love the people. They are kind to travelers. They always try to feed you!!!

I have so much fun working in Seoul with young people as a Bible worker!!!! I love to go back and hang out with them. Come and Visit!!!!!!

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