ENGR 225 Circuit Analysis Name_________________________

Lab #2 - Circuit Analysis and Design Date__________________________

with Measurements





To make voltage, current, and resistance measurements.

To verify circuit analysis calculations with measurements.

To modify circuits or create new ones to accomplish desired objectives.





1. Design, build, and test a voltage divider circuit (two resistors in series) that will divide 9V down to 5V. Use combinations of the available resistors. The total resistance of the divider should be in the range from 5kΩ to 50kΩ. Show your circuit and record the value of your 5V output.


2. A) Analyze the circuit in Figure 1. Specifically, calculate the current value and direction through each of the resistors and the voltage at each node.

B) Then build the circuit and measure the currents through each of the resistors and the voltage at each node.

C) Tabulate your measurements and calculations, compare them, and discuss the agreement.

D) Finally, experimentally adjust R2 and/or R3 to change the current through R2 to 2.0 mA. Record your circuit changes and the final measured current through R2.


















Figure 1