Curriculum Vitae

Joon Hyuk Kang

August 21, 2002

General Information


Current Address:      (Home) 4651 Lisa Lane #1, Berrien Springs, MI. 49103

                                 (Work)  Department of Mathematics, Andrews University,

                                               Berrien Springs, MI. 49104

Date of Birth:           September 29, 1965

Phone Number:        (269) 471-1943 (Home)

                                 (269) 471-6144 (Office)

E-mail Address:

WWW home page:




1984.03-1988.02            Mathematics, Sung Kyun Kwan University, B.S.

1988.09-1991.01            Mathematics, Michigan State University, M.S.

1990.09-1992.05            Statistics, Michigan State University, M.S.

1992.09-1998.12            Applied Mathematics, Michigan State University, Ph.D.


Research Interests


Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Modeling




Dissertation Advisor:  Zheng Fang Zhou, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State          

                                    University, E.Lansing, MI, 1995-1998


Teaching Experience


1989.09-1991.01                Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University

1994.01-2000.05                Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University

2000.09-now              Assistant Professor, Andrews University


1.      Survey of Calculus with Application I,II: Application of the Derivatives and   

Integrals, Functions of several variables, Elementary Differential Equations, and Introductory Statistics

2.      Elementary Algebra(Remedial Course)

3.      College Algebra and Trigonometry using graphic calculator HP 38G

4.      Calculus I,II using graphic calculator Sharp 2100 & Calculus III

5.      Differential Equations

6.      Applied Mathematics

7.      Linear Algebra, Applied Linear Algebra using mathematics software DERIVE

8.      Complex Analysis

9.      Advanced Calculus I,II


Awards and Support


1.      Fellowship, Sung Kyun Kwan University, 1984-1988

2.      Teaching Assistantship, Michigan State University, 1989-1991, 1994-2000

3.      Graham Herbert T Scholarship, 1994

4.      Travel Grant from Michigan State University, AMS national meeting at San Antonio, January 1999

5.      NSF Scholarship, 1999-2000

6.      Research Grant, Andrews University, 2000-2002


Conference attended


1.      AMS regional meeting at Detroit, Wayne State University, May 1997

2.      AMS national meeting at San Antonio, January 1999

3.      AMS national meeting at Washington D.C., January 2000

4.      AMS regional meeting at Dearborn, University of Michigan, March 2000

5.      AMS regional meeting at Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, March 1-3 2002


Seminar Talks


1.      Partial Differential Equations Seminar, “Lower bound of elliptic inequality”, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, October 30, 1995

2.      Partial Differential Equations Seminar, “Uniqueness and Non-uniqueness of  coexistence states in the Lotka-Voltera model ”, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, March 25, 1996

3.      Partial Differential Equations Seminar, “Non-uniqueness of Lotka-Voltera model ”, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, April 1, 1996

4.      Mathematics Colloquia, “Coexistence of Two Competing Species of Animals”, Department of Mathematics, Andrews University, February 15, 2002

5.      AMS regional meeting at Ann Arbor, “The Existence and Uniqueness of General Competition Model”, Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan, March 1, 2002




1.      A sufficient condition for the uniqueness of positive steady state to a reaction

      diffusion system, J. Korean Math. Soc. Vol.39, No. 3, May 2002

2.      Uniqueness of coexistence of general competition model of several competing

Species, Kyungbook Math. J. Vol.42, No. 2, December 2002

3.      The existence and uniqueness of a positive solution of an elliptic system(submitted)

4.      Steady state with small change of reproduction(submitted)

5.      Uniqueness of coexistence state with small perturbation(submitted)

6.      Steady state coexistence solutions of reaction diffusion competition model(submitted)


Professional Works


1.      Team work for project of undergraduate research, Department of Mathematics and

Biology, Andrews University, 2002-now


Committee Works


1.        Member of Scholarly Research Council, Andrews University, 2001-now

2.        Member of Graduation Committee for students, 2002