1.   After you were assigned of any role, a scientist or EPS, think about your role and your task for this project

1.   Go to Resources to find the information you might want to use in answering the questions.

2.   You might need to jot down the information that relate to your final project, which is to write the solution for water conservation.

3.   After gathering all the information you need, discuss with your partner about the solution.

Watch Out!                                            

      Before having a discussion and making any decision on your solution, your

partner and you must go to Guidelines for Cooperative Work. REMEMBER, to follow the guidelines.

4.   After your partner and you agree upon the ideas for the solution, go to Assignment 1, Read each assignment carefully.

5.   After you finish assignment 1 go to Assignment 2 to print it out. Then go Projects to get the information about it.

6.   Assignment 3 is the last one you need to do after the presentation.

If you have any question about how to go to Resources and others webpage, click HELP


Guidelines for Assignments