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Ohio Academic Content Standards for 3-5 grade

        Earth and Space Sciences

Students demonstrate an understanding about how Earth systems and processes interact in the geosphere resulting in the habitability of Earth. This includes demonstrating an understanding of the composition of the universe, the solar system and Earth. In addition, it includes understanding the properties and the interconnected nature of Earth’s systems, processes that shape Earth and Earth’s history. Students also demonstrate an understanding of how the concepts and principles of energy, matter, motion and forces explain Earth systems, the solar system and the universe. Finally, they grasp an understanding of the historical perspectives, scientific approaches and emerging scientific issues associated with Earth and space sciences.

By the end of the 3-5 program


Describe Earth’s resources including rocks, soil, water, air, animals and plants and the ways in which they can be conserved.

        Science and Technology

Students recognize that science and technology are interconnected and that using technology involves assessment of the benefits, risks and costs. Students should build scientific and technological knowledge, as well as skill required to design and construct devices. In addition, they should develop the process to solve problems and understand that problems many be solved in several ways.

Benchmarks existing standards

Describe how technology affects human life. Describe and illustrate the design process.