No Water!?

On the very first day of school, you and your 3rd and 4th grade class complained about running out the water. Laura, a second grader reported that when she pushed the fountain, there was no water spurted out. Thus, Ms. Brown decided to send a letter to the parents, asking them to send a water bottle for their children. This incident had never happened before. Ms. Brown knew that the water used in the school was pumped up from a cistern built in the ground outside the building. Everyone was curious about this incident. What do you think might have happened? Why do we run out of the water? Can you find the cause and effect of this problem? Is there any solution to conserve the water?


* You will assume the role of the following:

1.   Scientist

2.   Environmental specialist

* A 4th and 3rd grader will work together to find the answers to the following questions.

This is what each role must do:

        The scientist will find a definition of hydrology and the all sources of water.

        The environmental specialist will find out the problem of water consumption.

        Both the scientist and environmental specialist will find a possible solution to the problems.

       After finding out the problem and its cause, each group needs to come up with ideas of how to conserve water. Then the scientist will type the ideas and print it out, and the environmental specialist will present the ideas to the class. HOME