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You can paste in the process description given to students on the student page and then interleave the additional details that a teacher might need.

The lesson is organized mainly for grade 3-4 in the multi-grade classroom. However, it can be used in one grade classroom as well. Since the lesson is designed in technology based approach, students will benefits from it as they work with the computer and learn to access the Internet. The amount of time to cover this lesson is three school days and 60 minutes for each day. It is based of interdisciplinary curriculum design.

Students will work as an individual and with partner.

For multi-grade classroom with few computers, it is better to give student a turn to work on a computer when they work with partner. Make sure that when one student work on the computer, assign his/her partner to be a technophile.

Teacher needs to have technology base knowledge particularly the way to get to the internet and navigate the site.


If the students had already learned typing or to use Microsoft Word and any Graphic software, teacher can assign them to type in Microsoft Word and use Graphic software to design the diagram. Teacher can also teach the students to use PowerPoint presentation.