Picnic to Cook Nuclear Plant

I know that it seems like a weird place to have a picnic but they have visitor center landscaped real nice. It is right down by the shores of Lake Michigan. Of course we were looking for Homer Simpson to get his autograph but we never saw him. We thought we caught a glimpse of him but it turned out it was just Dad in the mirror.

We took some pictures so if you want you can look at them

From the parking lot overlooking the grounds.

Mom and Jenny going to picnic.

Mom and Jenny at picnic patio.

Mom at picnic patio.

Another one of Mom.

Jen with her Dew.

Jen being bashful.

Mom and Jen going to visitor center.

Visitor center gardens.

Looking for Homer.

Still no Homer.

No luck.

Hope you like these pictures. Stay tuned for more if we don't get too busy with field work.

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