Music Library Association Presentations

Beyond BI
Interdisciplinary Campus Connections that Market and Strengthen the Small Music Library

MLA Annual Meeting Poster Session
February 13, 2004
Arlington, Virginia


Linda Mack
Associate Professor & Music Librarian
James White Library
Andrews University
(269) 471-3114


Music Librarians often bring a variety of skills, knowledge, and interests to the practice of music librarianship. This poster illustrates the various ways that the music librarian at Andrews University (a small comprehensive university) has employed some of her diverse skills/knowledge/interests to connect with other campus entities and community activities for the benefit not only of those communities, but also for the benefit of the music library and the library system. In addition to the traditional Bibliographic Instruction sessions given to basic music courses, the librarian's participation in specialized music, general humanities, and English courses, as well as a math/physics colloquium have yielded opportunities for mini BI activities not normally possible in these situations. Course participation, writing program notes, and serving as library liaison for several humanities departments, aids the librarian in evaluating and building the library collection. These activities as well as campus and community-wide activities, such as directing the university's Early Music Ensemble, organizing educational programs for school children, and being a member of the University Faculty Policy Development Committee, serve to raise the visibility of the music library, the work of the music librarian, and the place of the library system on campus and in the wider community.


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