Examples of Ground Rules
  1. Everyone is responsible for enforcing ground rules.
  2. All meetings will begin and end on time; no session will run longer than 2 hours.
  3. Go ahead with 2 out of 3 present.
  4. No phone calls emergency interruptions only.
  5. Minimize or eliminate side conversations.
  6. One person will speak at a time.
  7. While generating ideas, withhold debate and criticism.
  8. Treat everyone's ideas with respect.
  9. Suspend judgement until everyone has been heard.
  10. While disagreeing or debating, focus comments on the facts and not on personalities.
  11. Avoid using acronyms unless known by everyone.
  12. If we reach an impasse, use "Parking Lot."
  13. Try to reach consensus on key decisions, but don't rush.
  14. Make every effort to meet commitments.  When action item commitments cannot be met, we will e-mail each other beforehand.
  15. We all must be able to support and defend all major decisions that go out from this group.