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Welcome to African Safari Ltd.

Cool Up-Coming Trips

  • One-Way trip to Timbuktu
  • Eaten alive by Tsavo lions (ask for the special:  Ghost and the Darkness)
  • Elephants under a microscope

Season Specials

  • In the eyes of prey---$2,000 (for a bodyguard present add $240.34)
  • Shark Bait---$2,321 (for a boat present add $200.21)
  • Base jumping over Victoria Falls---$2,220.88 (for a functional parachute $2,000 and for a tested parachute bring your own)


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Crocodile Run Morning Swim with the Sharks Beaten Alive by Elephant Trunks Lost in the middle of the savannah Trekking through snake infested fields