Meeting the varied student/staff/faculty spiritual needs by giving choices
Worshiping in small group cells that bind the University community

Stimulating participation as opposed to spectator worship
Minimizing preparation and simplifiying corporate worship
Designing repeatable worship activities
Providing attendance accountability and feedback


Keith Mattingly
Chapel Choices Coordinator, CARL Committee

Chapel Choices

Registration for Tuesday, 2 April 2002

Step 0: Study the available Chapel Choices from the COMPLETE LIST OF Chapel Choices by clicking on the link or scrolling down to the end of this webpage.

Step 1: Indicate whether this is your initial registration or a change from a previous registration by clicking in the appropriate box.

Initial registration
Change of registration If you check this, you must type in the previous choice number

Step 2: Select your Chapel Choice by clicking next to its number below.

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Step 3: Type in your identifying information

Lastname and Firstname
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Step 4: Write down your Chapel Choice and its location in your datebook so you don't forget.

Step 5: Press the submit button You also may want to print out your Thank You form after you press the Submit button.


  • Disclaimer: If you do not type in your correct email address, name, and ID number, you may not receive proper notification concerning any difficulties with your registration (eg. that your Chapel Choice is overbooked). Registration for any one Chapel Choice is limited to 50. In most cases, groups which are already filled will be indicated on this webpage.
  • You may change your registered choice up until the Thursday (midnight) preceding the chapel period. After Thursday, your choice is binding. Your CHAPEL ATTENDANCE CARD will be only be available at the CHAPEL CHOICE location for which you have registered.
  • For more information about a particular choice, EMAIL the facilitator.

Group# Group Name Facilitator Contact email Location
1 Devotional poetry? Scott Moncrieff
2 Sermon notetaking? Lael Caesar

Worship in motion

Suzi Oliver PMC Commons
4 Prayer of Jabez? Joe Warren Admin Boardroom
5 Testifying Scientists? Rob Zdor Price Hall 106
6 Stairwell Voices? Don Rhodes Stairwell between Price Hall (Biology) and Haughey Hall (Physics/Math/Engineering)?
7 Artforms? Greg Constantine
8 Imaging? Randy Seibold
9 The Religious Psyche? Lloyd Erickson
10 Hebrew Voices Margarita Mattingly
11 Dramatized Scripture? Janice Watson
12 Staff?
13 Innovative worship models Seminary?
14 Parables
15 Silent Meditation?
16 Object Lessons
17 Sacred Drama? (JB, ...)
18 Gospel Singing?
19 Honors? Malcom Russel
20 Burton
21 Kilsby
22 McBride
23 Short Stories?