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Martin Frederick Hanna





As a Seminary professor at Andrews University I am involved in teaching, research, and a service project at the Mount Sinai SDA Church Plant in Chicago.


Update: Owen Barnaby, one of our students, serves as Pastor. He receives a travel allowance from the Illinois Conference but is not a salaried worker. Two other students have been serving as unpaid associate leaders of this ministry: Orville Howell and Leslie White.


There are 40 persons in the Mount Sinai fellowship who engaged in evangelism last year and baptized eight persons. Presently they are renting a place of worship and are dreaming about having their own Sanctuary. They need help in raising funds for this project.


My Service Contribution: I have been assisting with ministry at Mount Sinai since 2004. My service has included the following: mentoring the student leaders; preaching on the third Sabbath of each month; and serving on the Elders’ Board and the Church Board. Recently, I have added an additional aspect to my Service Project: to raise money for the Mount Sinai Church project.


Please consider participating in my Service Project by making a donation to Mount Sinai SDA Company. Those who make a donation of any size will receive a copy of my recent book: The Cosmic Christ of Scripture: How To Read God’s Three Books. Berrien Springs, MI: Cosmic Christ Connections, 2006.