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Well! there are so many things that I like, I wonder if the word Hobby fit the description. I am a very artistic person and perfectionist. I like things that are visually interesting and catch the attention. Of all the activities I enjoy, Gardening is my favorite. I like to clean around me en embellish my enviroment, plant flowers or other decorative elements. But I alwas like to keep it real. It doesn't matter to my opinion to have a house full of decoration but also it should be usefull. For example I plant vegetable, fruits and legumes, so I barely have to go to the market. I enjoy putting music on and take care of my plant. If I could rebuilt the garden of Eden I would be the Happiest man of the world !

chainsaw Coupeur de canne

Also Music is another great activity I like to do.
I was introduce to it very early in my childhood and enjoy it every since. I started of with piano for 14 years, then decided it was time for change around my 20th birthday. I am currently siging and playing organ.
With the "Andrews University" I did traveled in the Bahamas and Chile and many other states withing the US to sing in various programs.