These two models were done in Sketchup. Both are modeled from the 4th year project below. The first set of model pictures is the entire park, and the second outlines the construction process of one part of the project.

This 5th year hypothetical project is based in Santa Fe, NM. This project focuses on the revitalization of the governmental section just south of down town. This was a team project in which the following images are my part. See the full project here.

This project is based in Welles Parks in Chicago, IL. We were to propose a replacement building for the current field house and work with the site to make it better as well. The models at the top of the page are based off this project.

The following images are a sample of what I worked on in 3rd year of the program. The first is a study of a background building section and facade, the second is a similar but for a hotel I designed.

The first image here is of a proposed farm set up on Andrews University Campus. The second set of images is of a carriage house, and the third set of images is for the house that goes with the carriage house.

The following three drawings are from the introductory course to architectural drafting and rendering in the first year of architecture.