Welcome to the personal website for Seth Myhre. Here you will find links to samples of architecture I have worked on, art I have created, websites I designed, and woodworking projects.

I just recently graduated from Andrews University with a Masters of Architecture, and I am a complete nerd. My hobbies include computer games (when I have the time), playing around with photos (photoshop, illustrator, etc., you can see a little of what I've done on my art page), and goofing of with really fun friends which if they read this know who they are, and I really like webdesign. Some websites I've designed can be found on my webdesign page.

I like to work with Apple computers mostly, though I am able to work on Windows based machines quite fluently as well. I am also fairly good at fixing any problems with those two platforms, even though I prefer to have computers work for me instead of me having to constantly fix them, which is one reason I prefer Macs.

So have fun and explore my site. If you would like get in contact with me please feel free to .