The Urban Design Studio site is my most recent design. A simple redesign for an architecture class in the masters track offered at Andrews University. I was part of the class at the time and we won the CNU Charter Award of Excellence that year (2010).

The Ruth Murdoch Elementary school website I redesigned was online for about 2 years, however it has been replaced by another site managed by a Content Management System which I helped them transition to.

The CSS Zen Garden site was created during a webdesign class. It was an exorcize where we were not allowed to edit the html and had to only work with CSS to create the design. It helped me learn the power of CSS design.

The Computer Tech page to the right I made for fun. I didn't have time to get it fully completed due to school demands, but it taught me a lot about fill down background images.

This was the first website I ever created, yes it is very similar to my current one which is a remake of the Andrews University AIAS website which I created and ran for 2 years while I was an AIAS officer.