The Puzzle Birdhouse was created from red cedar and black walnut wood. It is literally a puzzle to put together and if it isn't put together right it will just fall apart. I had a lot of fun designing it.

The Step Chair is not an original design by me but I couldn't find any plans so from pictures I created the plans for it. It is made from Red oak and can give you a 3 foot boost into the air.

The DVD Shelf was a very simple design I created for an ever increasing collection of DVD's. It is made out of only one 8" x 1" x 8' red oak board because I only had one to make it from.

This Oak Paneled Box was made from scrap red oak wood from some of my other projects. I didn't want to waste the wood so just for fun I designed this box and completed in a few days.

This Oak and Purple Heart box was also created from scrap pieces of wood. I wasn't sure that the combination of woods would look good at first but I am pleased with the final results.

This Oak Drawer with Purple Heart trim box was also a spur of the moment design with left over wood. I used the same design as the previous box to make a little matching set of boxes.

This special ring box was made specifically for a couple of close friends who are getting married to each other. The inner trim on the hearts was really hard to apply. It is a completely original design which I will never make again.

This birdhouse was inspired by Japanese architecture. It is created from black walnut and bass wood. The roof was a pain to create but I finally finished it. The bottom unscrews for easy cleaning.

This red oak footstool is not an original design by me. It was created from plans which were bought online. It was stained with aniline dye, natural stain, and finished off with shellac. The leather cushion will be completed by its owner.

Curly Maple is one of my favorite woods but I hadn't done much with it. So i designed and built this jewelry box from Curly Maple and Purple Heart for a very close friend of mine for her birthday.